6th World Congress on Hydrogen Sulfide in Biology & Medicine

Budapest, Hungary
19-21 May 2022

6th World Congress on Hydrogen Sulfide in Biology & Medicine

Budapest, Hungary
19-21 May 2022

Dear colleagues and guests,

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 in Europe and all over the world unfortunately we could not organize the 6th World Congress on Hydrogen Sulfide in Biology & Medicine at the originally scheduled date (28-30 May 2020.) and the current situation still does not allow us to welcome participants in April 2021 either.
Therefore the Organizing Committee of the Congress has reached the decision to postpone the event again.


We are happy to announce a special opportunity for early career scientists to actively engage in the scientific program and present their results before the distinguished audience of the conference. We as organizers consider it particularly important to promote and encourage young scientists (PhD and Post-doc level, under the age of 35) to enrich the development of the field by their insights, therefore a distinct section of the meeting will be allocated for them to share their findings via oral presentations. Approximately 12 selected applicants will be given 10-15 minutes time windows (Q&A included) for short talks. The best presentations in the PhD student and young investigator categories will be awarded by valuable prizes. Naturally, the poster sections are invariably open to applicants who wish to present in this form.

Furthermore, the possibility will be available to attend a Career discussion workshop with our honorary scientific president, Nobel Laureate Prof Louis Ignarro. We believe it is a unique opportunity for students and early stage researchers to discuss the rewards and obstacles of a scientist’s route with a distinguished professor honored with the highest possible scientific achievement.

Dear Colleagues and Guests,

It is my great pleasure to invite scientists, academicians, young researchers, and students from all over the world to attend the 6th World Congress on Hydrogen Sulfide in Biology & Medicine, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary, 19-21 May 2022.

Following the traditions of our previous conferences, which were held in Shanghai, Atlanta, Kyoto, Naples and Toronto, the Budapest meeting is expected to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of scientists from 5 continents to exchange break-through ideas and provide novel insights in the chemical biology and therapeutic applications of hydrogen-sulfide (H2S) and related sulfur species.

Our sessions traditionally cover a wide variety of research areas from chemistry and basic molecular mechanisms to (patho)physiology, pharmacology and potential therapeutic exploitation of H2S, including in cancer, cardiovascular, CNS, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, renal and genitourinary diseases.

Our honorary scientific president, Nobel Laureate Prof Louis Ignarro, and the distinguished professors in our international scientific advisory board should guarantee an excellent professional program with great scientists from different countries around the world, who are expected to share their latest and most exciting results with the audience.

The scientific program will foster discussions and expected to inspire participants to initiate collaborations within and across disciplines for the advancement of our field. Special emphasis will be devoted to promote the active participation of young scientists at the PhD student and Post-doc level in all these endeavors.

Yours faithfully,
Péter Nagy DSc, Chair
Scientific Director, National Institute of Oncology